Sucks that I’m on my way into work on this beautiful day!

dear everyone, 

stop calling yourselves trash please, it’s not true. the main reason I hate this website more and more each day is because now it’s making calling yourself garbage cool and hip. 

it’s not. i know a lot of young people on here trying to promote self worth, and calling yourselves trash isn’t doing that at all.

you’re not trash. you’re worth everything.

love, me.

sammasshole replied to your post:

Do you live alone

no I live with my girlfriend and another roommate. But my job pays biweekly which is the worst pay situation on the planet. I’ve only ever had one other job that did that, and it was my freshman year of college. 

go to school guys it will definitely get you a good job where you get paid shit every two weeks *thumbs up*

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do you ever meet someone who’s like the human version of unnecessary comments on a text post

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but why do they hurt?

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